$94K micro-condo in Surrey attracts hordes of home buyers

List a brand new condo for under $100,000 in Metro Vancouver’s red-hot housing market, and the hordes of home buyers will come – judging by a frenzied scene in downtown Surrey on Saturday.

Hundreds of people waited in line to snag a piece of the new, 35-storey Evolve tower, located on the corner of 133 Street and 103A Avenue.

Despite some nasty exchanges between staff and impatient customers, Evolve sold 300 homes worth about $70-million in a mad hour-and-a-half-long rush.

“You don’t see that under $100,000 every day,” said Curtis Honey, who drove all the way from Edmonton with his twin brother to pick up a 316-square-foot microsuite“It is pretty small, but I think there’s ways to work around it and maximize the space.”

Watch the news coverage on the event on CTV.