300 Homes Sold On Opening Day, Developer Includes Cash or Car

Surrey, B.C. – Three hundred homes worth in excess of $70-million dollars sold on opening day.

To follow up the success, WestStone Group, the developer of the 35-storey Evolve tower is introducing a special program and including a car in the purchaser’s parking stall or filling the purchaser’s storage locker with cash.

“Smart investors understand the impact on resale value and coupled with the reduction of rental income without storage or parking that this can equate to thousands of dollars in lost revenue”, says Bill Morrison, President of Macdonald Realty Platinum Project Marketing, “and that’s why every home at Evolve comes with parking and storage, and now that purchasers have the choice of including a car or cash when they buy at Evolve, we expect the response to be more intense than when we first opened”

Evolve’s suites range from 316 to 1,294 square feet and buyers included first-time homeowners, parents purchasing for children and a large number of investors and buyers from throughout Canada, the US and overseas.

Evolve is the second of six towers to be built in the West Village by WestStone Group, and part of the largest piece of connected development land in Surrey worth more that one billion dollars in real estate — Over the next seven years, 2,800 homes will be constructed in West Village, connecting residents to the core of Surrey City Centre, offering easy access to transit, grocery stores, education institutions and a diverse mix of culture, arts, recreational facilities and parkland. Evolve’s expected occupancy is 2018.

For more information on how to cash in on this new deal, visit our Presentation Centre at 13328 104th Avenue, Surrey, BC or call us at 604 497 0102.